DNA stabilisers

DNA Assay Stabilisation

Manufacturing in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices requires storage of reagents such as PCR primers and probes, enzymes, co-factors such as Mg2+, and dNTPs. For panel analysis (e.g., for genotyping applications), a simple and cost-effective technique for preloading and conserving specific amplification reagents would be particularly beneficial. Long-term stability of the prestored reagents is essential to guarantee the full functionality of the assay up to its expiration date. State-of-the-art techniques such as freeze-drying are commonly used to preserve complete real-time PCR assays, which are lyophi¬≠lized in disposable cartridges, but freeze-drying is expensive. For IVD medical devices, a minimum shelf-life of 12 months is required.   At Polygenyn Ltd. we have PCR primer, probe and enzyme stabilisers which can be used to construct complete working assays on multiple formats. With our technology we can dry the reagents more cheaply while maintaining the stability and functionality of the DNA assay. This is applicable for Real time PCR reactions carried out in multiformat, plate assays, lab-on a chip, biosensors etc. PG01: Protects DNA primers on biosensor surfaces. Protects during the drying cycle and extends shelf life of DNA sensors at elevated temperatures. PCR Enhancers: PCR-based clinical and forensic tests often have low sensitivity or even false-negative results caused by potent PCR inhibitors found in blood and soil. It is widely accepted that purification of target DNA before PCR is necessary for successful amplification. To overcome PCR inhibition, enhance PCR amplification, and simplify the PCR protocol, we demonstrate improved PCR-enhancing solutions. These enhancer solutions improve the performance of DNA amplification from crude samples with various commercial Taq DNA polymerases. PG02 Forza: Enhances PCR Taq polymerase efficiency.