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Your DNA may well hold surprises that you weren't expecting -- in my case a strong Scottish influence that really puzzled me. So I'm really grateful to Guido [Drago] at Polygenyn Ltd., firstly for advising me to take the more detailed DNATribes test, but more particularly for providing excellent feedback and detailed advice on how best to interpret the results that came back. The jargon used in the DNATribes report is a bit daunting, even for someone like me with a background in a different area of genetics. It was reassuring to have the ifs and buts and caveats explained to me by a real expert in the field. Perhaps retiring to Scotland was, for me, a form of coming home at last!

David, Edinburgh

“My son had doubts about being the father of their little boy so he decided to get a DNA test carried out.  He found a company on the internet and, following the instructions given by the company the test was done and posted.  Within a week the test result came back with a negative result – 99% certain my son was not the biological father.  I was very concerned about the psychological damage all this would have on the child so I suggested an independent test be carried out. Both my son and his ex-partner agreed to a re-test, so I asked a close friend who worked for Social Services for advice.  My friend recommended I use Dr Drago’s company so I contacted him.  He was very accommodating with us when making the appointment and a couple of days later I took my son, mum and the baby along to Dr Drago after work. About 10 days later, the results of the test came back confirming that my son was the biological father.  This was a shock for everyone after the first negative DNA test, but the worst part was that for almost a year the baby had been ignored by his father.  It is quite worrying to think that there are children with dads who disown them because an unreliable internet DNA test implies they are not related. If there are grandparents facing the same situation as I did, I would highly recommend the service of Dr Drago.  Whatever the result of the test, his peace of mind test which he offers is worth every penny - especially when you consider how important it is to the child”