Protein Stabilisation

The stabilisation of biological molecules is essential for commercialisation of products containing enzymes, antibodies, peptides, vaccines DNA and other unstable biomolecules. At Polygenyn we have over 20 years’ hands-on expertise in the long-term stabilisation of biological molecules. We have stabilised proteins both in the dry state and in solution.

All Stabilisers provided in 2x concentration format 50ml volume with the exception of HTS01 which is provided in 10ml volumes. Larger volumes 100ml, 500ml and litres can be ordered on request.

High through put screening solutions

 8 stabiliser solutions supplied ready to use for screening biological molecules in the dry state and liquid state. 
(HTS01) 8 stabiliser solutions

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Antibody Stabilisers 

Antibody stabiliser solution used for the stabilisation of polyclonal, monoclonal, conjugated antibodies and recombinant antibodies.
(AB01) Dry stabilisation.
(AB02) Solution stabilisation. 

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Taq polymerase/LAMP assay polymerase

Stabiliser solution for stabilisation of polymerases. (POLY01) Dry stabilisation.

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Freeze Thaw Stabilisation

Stabilisation solution against freeze thaw damage. (FT01) Freeze thaw solution.

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Stabilisation Consultancy

At Polygenyn we have over 20 years expertise in enzyme, antibody, peptide and DNA stabilisation. We are able to help customers with the majotity of complex protein stability issues. These include both operational stability and the long term shelf life of products. Our consultancy can be a combination of lab based contracted research or knowledge based  desk type research. Each project is unique and tailored specifically to the customer. For a free consultation please do not hesitate to contact us.

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