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DNA Testing, Diagnostics & Stabilisers.

DNA Testing

Peace of mind Paternity Testing, legal paternity testing, home DNA Testing.   



COVID - 19 Antibody Test to determine presence of antibodies in the blood.



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DNA & Paternity testing Services In Newport, UK

Are you living in areas such as Cardiff or Newport and in need of DNA & paternity testing services? Polygenyn are experts in providing some of the most professional, discreet and friendly DNA testing services that the UK has to offer.

Polygenyn are a local business based in Newport, UK and aim to offer a service that is quick simple and approachable. Whether you are interested in finding a local DNA testing centre for paternity testing, sibling testing or something more specific, Polygenyn can provide some of the best DNA paternity testing in the UK.

Our Services Include:

Local DNA Testing

Searching for local DNA testing centres near me? Polygenyn aims to provide some of the best local DNA testing and paternity testing in areas such as Cardiff, Newport and around the UK. With over 15 years of experience, our samplers are professionally trained and are at hand to advise which test is right for you and your needs. Whilst we believe that there is much to gain from each of the services available in our local DNA testing centres, we are particularly proud that we provide some of the best DNA paternity testing in the UK.

Within our DNA packages we are pleased to offer:
• Home Testing Kits- Discreet and simple, result are typically available within 5 working days.
• Peace Of Mind Testing- Carried out in our clinic and involves the rubbing of the inside of the participant’s cheek.
• Legal DNA Paternity Testing- Carried out for legal purposes by a ministry of justice approved laboratory.
• Complex Relationship tests- Incorporates practices similar to local DNA paternity tests to untangle questions in complex relationships.

Covid-19 Antibody testing

Polygenyn have taken advantage of their local DNA testing centres to provide reliable Covid-19 antibody testing to those living in Newport, Cardiff and around the UK. With a overall sensitivity of approximately 95%, our tests are useful between 10 and 21 days after exposure to the virus.

Protein Stabilization

Looking for a DNA testing centre near me that is proficient in protein stabilisation? Polygenyn have more than 20 years experience in enzyme, antibody, peptide and DNA stabilisation. Enquire now to find out how we can help.

If you are living in or around areas such as Newport, Cardiff and throughout the UK, get in touch with our headquarters today for some of the best DNA testing the UK has to offer in addition to much more. Call 07566274668 now.